Project EL BO

Building a hobby robot with surplus electronics parts

These photos were posted 7/11/99.

    Project EL BO is still unfinished. However, unexpectedly great progress was made over the past week. Problems with the remote control were solved. The robot was mounted on its base, and the arm disk was mounted as well.

    The arrows in this photo show how the joints of EL BO rotate. The elbow ended up being so powerful I have had to use PWM to slow it down a bit on the downswing, or it overshoots considerably.

Things left to do:
    -> Build & attach the light-sernsor array, and integrate the driver software.
    -> Further debug the motion control software & hardware.
    -> Create an IR filter for the infrared remote control sensor - it loses sensitivity in bright background light.
    -> Bring the power supply on board.    

And a bunch of tiny details like:
     -> Tie up and fasten all those sloppy wires.
     -> Add feet to the base.
     -> Sand & polish all the plastic pieces.
     -> And a million other little things...

    Here is a picture of the robot sitting next to the remote control.

    One last photo with a bottle included to give some sense of scale.
    The bottle is, by the way, from my favorite kind of ginger ale - Stewart's - Mmmmm. Buy a bottle of refreshing Stewart's Ginger Ale today!

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All this stuff copyright, 1998 Dave Benz

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