September 1998

This area is mostly for my friends & family. All photos were taken with a Kodak DC20, scaled & in some cases color corrected.

If you look closely, you'll see a tiny little dog in the window there. He's barking at me.
Taken just off Haight on Masonic.

Here's the Ferry Building & skyline as one sees it coming in on a ferry. This photo really doesn't do the scene justice. I read recently that film makers who plan to have skyline shots in their movies are unhappy with the city right now because all the buildings are about the same height (just shorter than the Transamerica Pyramid,) so there is very little pleasing variation to the line. Be that as it may, there are very few sights of San Francisco which are as beautiful.

Ah, trucks! There are now 19 pictures up here and three of them are of trucks. A friend of mine is a fireman, and I always look for him when a fire truck zips by. Doctors & EMTs, lawyers, soldiers, sailors, police, politicians, postal employees, teachers, fire fighters. When was the last time you heard somebody poke fun at fire fighters?

Flowers & the coast shot from a moving car on Highway 1.

The sides of buildings used to be quite the advertising forum. A lot of the real good ones are just south of Market and are mostly text. Unfortunately it is back in style, and they have begun covering old ones with garish full color advertisements for insurance companies and the like. Of course, I bet people grumped about the old ones I like when they went up. This one is near Chinatown.

PARKING. NO PARKING. The great quandary.

This is just around the corner from the first place I lived here. It is an architectural delight night or day, just walking by, or from across the street. I've wasted some film on this little detail.

Truck shot from another moving car.

Despite any reputation it may have to the contrary, San Francisco is not much of a foggy city any more, especially in the places Dashiell Hammett wrote about, and a scene like this in the Financial District is a rarity.

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All photos copyright, 1998 Dave Benz

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