December 1998

This area is mostly for my friends & family. All photos were taken with a Kodak DC20, scaled & in some cases color corrected.

This picture was taken, strangely enough, right between the Financial District and Union Square on Post Street near Mongomery.
One of my favorite times of the day is dusk in the city, where things are still light enough that you can see everything, but lights have already come on in the buildings around.

As a consequence of the fact that most of these pictures are taken on the fly while I'm just going places, this is about the fourth or fifth picture posted on this site which was taken in the vicinity of Grant & California. This was taken at Grant & Pine.
At the right there is one of my favorite buildings, the Pac Bell building, which is a testament to wacky architecture in that it has very very few windows. When the sun is low in the west, this building is particularly attractive.

A foggy foggy evening way out on Clement Street. Maybe about 10th Street, not yet at Presidio. I love this area of town. I took about six photos the last time I went out there and had a surprising number come out.

I walk by this door almost every day on my way home. Pine near Stockton.

For some reason the entire trip out of the subway is always fascinating to me. This is at Montgomery Station coming up at Market and Sansome. You can see the top of my favorite building there, obscured by the tree.

This was taken on Fillmore on the bridge over Geary Street. To the left is Japantown. There is something I really like about this picture.

Study in shades of white number 1. This is one of those pictures where a situation presents itself for just a moment, and you somehow manage to grab it before it is gone.
I like the Chinese characters on the side of the truck. That was one of my favorite things in Japan. A truck would go by with huge, exquisite calligraphy on the sides.

Another picture taken in Montgomery station. Another escalator shot. Another study in shades of white.

Taken on Church Street around 16th. I wish I could say this picture is a result of my compositional skills as a photographer. Instead it was shot, as they say, from the hip, without looking through the viewfinder. The intended subject was the Muni train there in the upper left hand corner, which I obviously missed.

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All photos copyright, 1998 Dave Benz

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