August 1998

This area is mostly for my friends & family. All photos were taken with a Kodak DC20, scaled & in some cases color corrected.

I wish I could say I really worked for this one, but instead I was sitting in my office, talking to a client on the phone, with my feet up on my desk when I saw this out the window. It is rare here to have such nice clouds.

Taken in Montgomery Street Station. This, to me, captures the feeling of the underground. (There goes that train you just missed.) I walk to work now.

Chinatown during & after the rain is worth a book of pictures. This is another rare photo where I caught exactly what I wanted.
Taken on Stockton near Washington, a couple blocks from my pad.

This was my favorite Chinese bakery for awhile, mostly because it was three blocks from my pad, but also because they had great lotus & black bean buns which were usually freshly steamed & still warm. Bill Clinton himself visited this bakery once and they not only took pictures but blew them up practically life size and hung them up everywhere behind the counter.
This bakery is located on Grant, a few blocks north of California.

For a painting recently I needed stock bird photos & got a few good pics out of the effort. Not only are you bothering the birds with your attention but here you get 10 or 20 gawking passers by who bother the birds with their attention. It's dumbfounding to me how in a touristy city like this how many people will stop to watch while you try to take a picture of a bird!
Taken very near Broadway & Columbus in North Beach.

Big truck. Composition.
Taken on the corner of Kearny & Pine.

The city is so hard on living things. A friend & I were walking down Montgomery just before California (busy street in the financial district) and here is this butterfly, fluttering just feet above a sweltering mass of cars in the middle of all this glass, steel, concrete & asphalt.
Taken at Mongomery & California.

I had to throw another butterfly in here. This one was from a day two of my friends & I hopped up to Sonoma and visited the Russian River. We saw it & got all excited, like city people. I'm proud of this one because I not only got it in flight, but I got its shadow.

Can I tell you how long this photo was coming? I had this idea years ago, but it's so rare one is on a plane. Sitting at the window? Subtract 25% likelyhood (and I always ask.) Nice clouds outside? Another 50%. Good shot? Dang. Years I tell you!



All photos copyright, 1998 Dave Benz

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