July and August 2002

This area is mostly for my friends & family. Photos were taken with a Kodak DC20 or a Kodak DC120 Zoom.

Following the last update, this month's theme is once again abstraction. In fact, a suitable title for this month's installment might be "Bad snapshots I enjoy for some reason." I don't have any great excuses for this matter.

I am no longer using an HTML editor. I never liked it much anyways. Sorry for any rough edges.

Flowers, location forgotten.

This was shot with my DC20. Depending on your opinion of the shot, you may or may not find it interesting that this shot is basically straight out of the camera, having only been reduced to 5.25 x 7 at 72 dpi.

I like this one. In some ways, my DC20 has become something of an "experimental" camera for me. The focal length (or lack thereof) and poor resolution make for some interesting photos.

Chinatown, San Francisco

Ah! Chinatown in the fog. The thing I like best about this photo is the curious diagonal negative space of the foggy sky. I had rejected this photo earlier because so much of it is underexposed, but now I see that lends to the composition.

Grease stains on the sidewalk in the Marina.

I imagine you can understand that I have mixed feelings about this photo. I mean, will I be photographing the dryer lint next? (Only if I think it makes for an interesting composition...)

Somehow I like it, and yet...

Oakland CA

I used to have a photographer roommate, and he had this framed photo I really enjoyed. It was like this, mostly sky and blur. After complimenting him on it, I was informed that the photo was taken by setting the timer on his camera and then swinging the thing around on a long strap until the shutter went off. Snap! Voila!

I filed that idea away for use someday. This photo was not taken that way.

Somewhere between San Francisco and LA.

I remember finding some FBI surveillance photos in a New York Times magazine once, and being fascinated with them. The contrast was all messed up, and they were taken in the worst possible lighting situation with extremely high-speed film, and yet, the compostions were intriguing. They were just very matter-of-fact, and yet so moody...

The ominous parking-structure elevator tower at Home Depot, San Bruno.

Location forgotten.

I very nearly didn't include this one. It seems too easy. Too many things together at the same place, stacking the deck for a photographer. All I needed was some oranges overflowing from that box and...

This would have looked better shot with the DC20.

Construction SOMA San Francisco

I was walking down the street one day and saw this building under construction. Found it very compelling, and took like, 15 or 20 shots of it. Had like a million people trying to figure out what I was doing.

The blur in front was a truck backing out of the photo. I caught that by accident, and was like, "Dang! The composition wasn't quite right." Then I moved and reframed, and hoped the truck would move back. "OK. Ready now!" I spent a minute waiting, but alas, the driver jumped out (looking at me of course) and walked away...

Palo Alto CA

Shot through a rainy windshield. Another "FBI surveillance" shot. At first glance I never like this shot. But then I look at it more, and it grows on me.

Rock on pavement after light shower. Palo Alto CA

I was waiting for my train and I accidentally kicked this rock and noticed the light asphalt under it. The rain from the shower was evaporating off it, and it looked like a good photo.

My new look.

I see so many of you so rarely. All my friends are scattered across the country. This is a photo of my new look. I think it belongs here because somehow it isn't a very flattering photo, but somehow it is appealing...

Those flowers again.

Take care and see you all later!

Thats it.

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All photos copyright, 2002 Dave Benz

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