May and June 2002

This area is mostly for my friends & family. Photos were taken with a Kodak DC20 or a Kodak DC120 Zoom.

This month's theme is abstraction. I have the feeling that all this has something to do with the fact that I quit smoking a couple months ago. Oh, it has been a frustrating time.

Due to current angst levels, I am typing this in the "kid" font on my Mac, because it's all I could figure out what to do, and it is very appealing with this month's batch of photos. If you're running OS X, you're probably reading it in that font. If you're using a Wintel machine, it might be Century Gothic, or maybe Arial Black.

I am no longer using an HTML editor. I never liked it much anyways. Sorry for any rough edges.

California St. San Francisco

This is like the Bates Motel highrise. Only one window with a light on. The weirdness in the colors is my Kodak vainly trying to adjust the color balance because it is too dark out. I like this photo. I've tried to color correct it. It looks bad corrected.

Underside of enamel-coated metal tabletop

You heard that right. Imagine that the light spot in the upper-left there is the moon in a rainstorm.

Work surface directly under enamel-coated metal tabletop

The plot thickens. Here is the sun.

Not my ibuprofen

Did I spell that right? I'm not sure if this photo captured the flourescent yellow and the wierd mass-produced perfection of these horse-sized pain killers.

Somewhere between San Francisco and Monterey

I've tried more than once to make a good photo that included stuff on a windshield along with what was in the background. I think this is my only success to date. This would make an ideal album cover for a German industrial pop band.

Origami Crab made out of a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup wrapper

This is from John Montroll's crab design.

Origami car in an origami bottle

The bottle is made from cellophane. The car is made of home made foil-backed paper.

Construction SOMA San Francisco

I was walking down the street one day and saw this. Found it very compelling, and took like, 15 or 20 shots of it. Had like a million people trying to figure out what I was doing.

Oakland CA

A chance arrangement of items

Sometimes things just happen. Like, maybe you run out of Q-tips and leave the box on your counter to remind yourself to buy more. Then later that day, by some freak occurance, both lightbulbs in your bathroom burn out at the same time.

Later, you walk into the room and realize that you've got an intersting visual haiku. Something about bulbs being the same shape as Q-tip ends, "soft white light", not-so-soft broken glass and spent filaments...

I told you this month's theme is abstraction!

Oakland CA

This is an artichoke left to bloom. Can you imagine?

Click here for a banana flower!

Thats it.

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All photos copyright, 2002 Dave Benz

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