Jan & Feb 2003

This area is mostly for my friends & family. Photos were taken with a Kodak DC20, Kodak DC120 Zoom, or a Nikon Coolpix 4300.

Plenty more abstractions. It seems that the more I work on my photography skills, the more my photo style is moving towards my painting style.

Caltrain station, Palo Alto CA.

With my new camera, a person can set the thing to take a bunch of photos in a row. I took this shot by shooting continuously while a train rolled into the station. I was standing under a tree, which made for a nice lighting situation, and ensured that the exposure times would be slow enough that the train would blur.
Of the ten shots that came out of it, maybe three were acceptable.

Nob Hill, San Francisco

"light at the end of the tunnel" type photo. What a strange architectural detail - a light well for a parking entrance?

Halfmoon Bay, CA

Big sandwiched layers of nothing. My favorite kind of subject! ;) There were plenty of people on the beach this day, so it actually took a lot of trouble to take this shot without any people in it, and still get a decent composition.

Halfmoon Bay, CA

A nice sun break on an overcast day on the beach.

Somewhere on Highway 1.

Moody blurred sunset on the coast, as taken from a moving car.

Somewhere on Highway 1.

Moody blurred sunset on the coast, as taken from a moving car, number 2. I love this photo! The colors are fantastic & it's even better full size.

Parking lot, Palo Alto CA.

Shot with my DC20. I regret that I wasn't carrying a better camera at the time. This photo came out a lot more burry than I would have liked. Even still, I like the composition.

Near the Japanese Tea Garden, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

Over the past couple of years, I've tried to take a million photos like this one. It's gratifying to finally have one come out well.

Palo Alto CA

I saw this, and almost passed it up because I knew already that it was gonna make a good photo. You gotta love the color of the truck and the lighting situation.

San Bruno outside Target. CA

What is it about birds that makes them absurd and yet kind of enigmatic at the same time? Dig how they line up perfectly with the bottom of the car and the stripe on the asphalt there. Tiny little enigmatic birds in perspective.

Thats it.

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All photos copyright, 2003 Dave Benz

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