Jan & Feb 2001

This area is mostly for my friends & family. Photos were taken with a Kodak DC20 or a Kodak DC120 Zoom.

Looks like I'm back to updating every other month. These past two months were really packed. Our San Francisco Office moved again, and so did my parents! I went to Denver on business, and to Sutter Creek for a really nice weekend.

The theme this month is: Color. Everything color and lots of it.

Yellow sun on blue surf.

Went to Ocean Beach in San Francisco & witnessed a miracle! That is, the sun came out. Caught this sunset.

Palo Alto.

On the commute down 280 one morning. The sun slanting in sideways.

San Francisco - looking at 1st & Howard

This was shot from 199 Fremont. Because of the dot com boom, there's still a lot of building going on in the city.

It's always a shock to see that much raw earth exposed. Such a brown. No plants, no concrete. Just raw earth.

San Francisco - Beale & Howard

This looks like a highway ramp or something, but is really a turnaround/parking lot for busses. The white tops of busses are appealing.

San Francisco - Looking from Beale & Howard

Love this vista. That's the Bay Bridge where it meets Treasure Island. Like the colors in this photo.

San Francisco - Looking at New Montgomery & Market

Sutter Creek, CA

Had a full-blown audience for this one. Shot in an alley that turns into something like a street - or was it a street? Who knows. Had to wait for a bunch of tourists pass by & was subjected to what I felt was an extrordinary amount of scrutiny, considering I was just taking pictures.

Sutter Creek, CA

One of those, what I call: "Post card" shots & another one coming next.

Sutter Creek, CA

Post card shot #2

Had a conversation with a friend recently about post card shots, the nature of beauty and how they both relate to artists. The thing is that an artist spends years trying to perfect a certain vision, or maybe to find new ways of looking at things. Post card shots are funny, because very often the scene uses the photographer - in that there really isn't any other way to shoot the picture. Art, vision: they all take a back seat to the scene at hand, which calls the shots.

Sutter Creek, CA

Composition in purple & red - with window.

Sutter Creek, CA

I didn't really know if this one was going to come out because of the lighting situation, but it ended up being kind of interesting.

?, CA

We ended up eating lunch in the middle of nowhere and over to the side of this clear, blue sky was this appealing cloud.

I'm pretty proud of this composition.

Denver, CO

Woke up in the morning, opened the shades in my hotel room & found snow.

Denver, CO

More snow & a yellow cab. It's a good thing there's yellow cabs, or a large number of my photos would be that much more drab.

Denver, CO

Here's Maw & Paw Benz moving. Hi guys!

Denver, CO

More snow, as viewed out a window of my parents' old house.I've always liked this particular view, but never tried taking a photo. With all the snow, the color scheme was enough to make me take a picture.

Easter Eggs

Here are a few of my mom's psankie Easter eggs. One of which was from 1959! AND (get this:) it had a bunny rabbit on it. My thrill of the month for April, 2000 was a psankie egg-dying party thrown by my friends Susan & Jim.

The bunny rabbit mystery deepens...

Palo Alto, CA

This was just about as random a shot as a person could ask for & I don't even remember what I was shooting at the time. It's rare for me to download photos and find something I can't remember.

This shot is kind of eerie somehow, but I can't say why.

Palo Alto, CA

Got out of the office late one night to find an interesting lighting situation. The ambient light from the sky just about matched the light from a streetlight on some trees. Took a couple photos, and came up with this one.

Makes a good photo to finish up this installation, considering the theme...

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All photos copyright, 2001 Dave Benz

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