Nov & Dec 2000

This area is mostly for my friends & family. Photos were taken with a Kodak DC20 or a Kodak DC120 Zoom.

Nov & Dec were pretty busy months for me. Along with the holidays, I also took a business trip to Denver. Working in Palo Alto created a natural opportunity to take a lot of photos of deciduous trees changing color in the late fall.

This photo is from Lake Merritt in Oakland, where I very recently spent a wonderful weekend.

Palo Alto. I liked the cloud and lighting situation in this scene, and took it kind of hurredly. Ended up getting my finger in the photo there in the upper right-hand corner. I was going to edit it out until I realized it went well with the composition.

Palo Alto

Took this photo one morning on my way to work.


Taken out a window of our offices in Denver. The sky in Colorado has a different color from the sky here. Maybe it's because of the altitude. Either way, it lends itself to interesting photos. Also hanging over the city, on the horizon, is Denver's "brown cloud."


A photo out the window of my hotel room. I ended up with a corner room on the top floor of the Comfort Inn there. It had quite a view...


Another shot out of the hotel room. This one is better, and shows the sky, too.


Joined my pal Liz for a drive out to an antique store. This was nearby. Liz thought it was pretty funny, seeing as how anybody who could mistake this for an "open" road needs more help than this sign can deliver.

San Francisco - in the train station.

Was sitting on the train when I noticed this op. This particular morning I needed to compose a haiku for an email, so I wrote one inspired by this scene.

sunlight, puddles. Cars
moving towards and dripping
off the ends of trains

San Francsico - California & Leavenworth

Very often I find empty storefronts fascinating. The spaces appeal to me for some reason. I took a ton of shots of this scene, because I also realized it was a good opportunity to take some "composition in white" type photos.

Ran out of batteries in the middle of shooting, and ended up with an enormous audience of people trying to figure out what the heck I was taking pictures of.

San Francisco

Another shot of the scene, above.

Palo Alto

A print left by a leaf on a sidewalk.

Palo Alto

Ah! Trees in the fall. Of course, since this is California, the trees don't turn properly until December.

When I shot this, I was worried about the lighting situation, so I took three different shots at different exposures. On a whim, I used some image-editing software to overlay the three shots, and ended up with this.

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All photos copyright, 2000, 2001 Dave Benz

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