Mar thru August 2001

This area is mostly for my friends & family. Photos were taken with a Kodak DC20 or a Kodak DC120 Zoom.

Finally suffered from a major downside of digital photos: Catastrophic data loss. Most of my photos from March through July of 2001 were lost because I accidentally threw my photo folder away.

The theme this month is: Trips I have taken during the past few months (that I didn't lose the photos from.)

Going down an escalator to Bart - 19th Street, Oakland.

For some reason Bart stations always afford great photo ops. The main problem with this is that you always have an audience. Had the usual 50 people trying to figure out what I was shooting here.

House boat trip.

Went on a wonderful house boat trip on a lake recently. Saw this one while I was sitting outside a bar/restaurant on the lake, eating a popsicle.

House boat, from the beach.

The best thing about house boats is that you get up in the morning and eat breakfast. Later, when you get hot, you just go swimming!

House boat

Our hosts on the house boat have two small daughters. These two came equipped with stuffed friends and packing squirt guns. No, I didn't arrange this, it was found! As a matter of fact, I had to take the photo with care so as not to disturb the crime scene.

House boat

View from the house boat.

... and another

... and another.

On the way to Ojai, CA

I always love taking photos from moving cars and having them turn out like this. Scenes like this are common in central California.

One last house boat photo?

This shot just turned up on my camera. Didn't find it until we got home & downloaded the photos. Maybe I was showing somebody how to use my camera, or maybe it went off by itself. It's kind of a creepy photo, huh?

Santa Cruz, CA

I dig fire hydrants. They are so unlikely-looking. This one obviously was painted yellow with blue trim.

Oakland, CA

Another hydrant - closeup.

Oakland, CA

Same as above, another shot.

By a river. Near Pescadero, CA

Like this composition.

Oakland, CA

And another tree. Wacky lighting situation.

Oakland, CO

In the Grand Theater in Oakland. This is one of those nice older theaters. All the subtheaters have themes. So, is it a UFO, or an ageless symbol of the universe?

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All photos copyright, 2001 Dave Benz

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