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robot number two

Building a hobby robot with surplus electronics parts

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page 1 - design notes updated 4/29
page 2 - it's walking! updated 4/29
page 3 - design update updated 5/28
page 4 - design update updated 7/4

Early artist's concept of new robot using innovative new navigation hardware. It flies around like a little butterfly and has an advanced vision system.

In utter disgust, we sent our artist back to drawing board and demanded some "thinking out of the box."

Our artist called this the "J. Quest design." Much better. A four-legged, 14 DOF walker. Much more innovative! From here, design moved to a crack team of engineers.

A raytrace of the new design.

Building a hobby robot with model airplane servos.

Current configuration as of 2/29/00.



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