June thru September 2004, Mostly

This area is mostly for my friends & family. Photos were taken with a Nikon Coolpix 4300.

Goodbye for now, California.

Mendocino CA

Oregon Coast

You can tell it's colder than the California Coast just by looking at it.

Butano CA

Butano CA

Butano CA

Parking garage - San Francisco CA

This is the parking garage next to Banana Republic in Union Square. What a great space!

Another of the same parking garage - San Francisco CA

San Francisco CA


Mystery photo number one. I have no idea where I took this, but I love it.

Lawrence Hall of Science Museum in Berkeley CA

Here I am demonstrating how science can be cool to several scoffing kids who remained unimpressed.

San Francisco CA

This is the parking garage which serves the Metreon. It is not very interesting as far as parking structures go. This was a lucky shot.


Mystery photo number two. I'm pretty sure this one was a reflection off something.

Portland OR

Fun with sink.

San Francisco Bay Area CA

Those of you who have guessed that this is Sienna and her niece with the shoe habit get a gold star.

One last shot from Butano CA

Thats it.



All photos copyright, 2004 Dave Benz

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