Phone Photos from 2004, Mostly

This area is mostly for my friends & family. Photos were taken with a Nikon Coolpix 4300.

I have a cell phone which came with a crummy lo-rez camera.

It can take some nice pics sometimes.

Park Presidio near the Legion of Honor, San Francisco

One thing I like about this camera is the parallax distortion. It puts a pinch of fish-eye into every photo. It also vignettes, and in addition has no depth of focus. Mmmmmmmmm.

Bart near San Leandro, CA

One last benefit of a phone camera - it is discrete. This gentleman has a rainbow coming out of his ear.

Palo Alto, CA

Market at Sansome, San Francisco CA

Stuck on the side of a god-forsaken tourist/convenience store, Los Angeles CA

Actually, i believe this is Anaheim.

Is it me, or has this child been pushed through to the ugly side of cute? Possibly, The Best Milk on the Face of the Earth.

Palo Alto, CA

Unknown airport

This was shot in the elbow of one of those moving ramp things that take you from the gate to the plane.

Daly City from BART - CA

Palo Alto, CA

Stairwell of the building where my Doctor has her office - Oakland CA

Sometimes it seems that every day comes another challenge to resist shooting strange lighting.

BART - MacArthur Station - Oakland CA

Rory Kate - San Francisco CA

Sienna's niece already has a shoe habit, and at such a young age.

Since she likes to wear shoes that don't fit her, and these shoes simply fall off when she puts them on her feet, she has to do some pretty complicated maneuvering to get going.

Stinky Face 3

STILL working on our stinky faces.

Portland OR

Thats it.

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All photos copyright, 2004 Dave Benz

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