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All the info here was gleaned from several sources. Any mistakes are mine.

The original text of this page was written in November 1998 and has been edited once or twice since. Photos were updated in 2002.

All photos here have been color corrected. Photos whose names end in "a" have been cropped.

Here are more photos without a particular theme.

The banana flower! Inconceivable.

This is a particular kind of butterfly which in real life is extremely skittish. I spent days and days trying to catch a photo of one, because they are particularly beautiful. The only reward for my efforts was plenty of pictures of the places it had settled for an instant. Although I felt a great sense of accomplishment when I finally caught this one right over a flower, there remains the regret that I didn't manage to photograph the tops of its wings, which are a stunning metallic blue.

Something ironic about Bali is that the island has been inundated by Westerners who are "groovy" and yet there is very little in its own culture which could be called "groovy."
The people have a seriousness and somehow friendly yet severe personality about them. They take their responsibility to their culture, society and neighbors very seriously, and are overwhelmingly passionate about their politics. They wear uniforms to school, to work, and to their temples. This is a very common scene in Bali.

The legendary lotus flower.

Walking down the street one evening we were presented with this scene. My friend Jeff, however, deserves all the credit, because he is the one who encouraged me to try & capture it with my camera.

Sometimes while is taking a photo of something obvious, one is rewarded with a chance occurrence which makes the picture worth keeping. The intended subject of the picture was the clay wasp nest there in the foreground. I had no idea that I had caught a motorcycle speeding by in the background until later, when we downloaded the photos.

This huge spider was in a web over where my friends kept their scooter.

A very nice shadow puppet.



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