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Movies! OK these movies were shot using a Quickcam so - the frame rate sucks, the contrast and focus are laughable, and they're black and white. I'm not just saying that. Check the thumbnails below to get an idea of the general quality.

Also, please note that all efforts to convert these files to MPEG format resulted in huge, several meg sized movies. So... These files are being posted in Quicktime MOV format. Please note that you will need Quicktime 4.1 or better to view these files on a Macintosh. These files should play on all platforms as long as you have Quicktime. I'm not sure what PC compatable users will need, but Quicktime codecs are available from Apple's website.

A friend of mine has volunteered to videotape, digitize and MPEG encode color movies of my robots, and as soon as we get our collective acts together I will post them. Honest!

A movie of my first robot, Elma Beaucoups, playing "where's the kitty?" Elma is phototaxic and when something gets between it and a light source it will move. The effect is reminiscent of when you put your hand in the face of a cat (as opposed to a dog, who would actually enjoy such a game.)

Decent frame rate, horrible contrast.

File size: 440 K. Duration: 36 seconds.

A hobby robot built with model airplane servos.

A movie of Petal, turning counter clockwise.

Good frame rate, fuzzy focus.

File size 121 K. Duration: 6.5 seconds.

A movie of Petal walking around.

Petal just moves too fast for the Quickcam.

File size 297 K. Duration: 22 seconds.

Both built with the Parallax Basic Stamp Microcontroller

Sorry again for the quality and format. If you have a line on MPEG encoding for the Mac (besides that dreadful Astarte extension) please contact me -


Everything copyright, 2000 Dave Benz

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