Properly Thrown
December 2000

This month's thrill details how to properly fling oneself on a couch.

What do you call a couch that's missing one arm? I don't remember. For some reason I think such a thing is called a "divan" but I could be wrong.

Liz and Brian in Denver have one & it's upholstered with purple velvet. I always thought it was pretty cool, but the last time I was out to visit, imagine my surprise to find that they had acquired the perfect lamp to finish the scene.

The couch cries out for a photo of an odalisque or some hot babe flung gracefully over it.

I decided it would be funny to fling myself on it and have Liz take a couple photos to illustrate.

Not content to be flung in a graceful, feminine manner, I searched for an appropriate "masculine" pose to go with the couch.

It was my duty as an artist!

The process turned out to be a gruelling test, but I think I managed to get the proper pose in this photo here.

Despite the ease this pose conveys, it is actually extemely uncomfortable.

You gotta love the lamp, huh?

Did I mention how uncomfortable this pose was?

Many thanks to my friend Liz for taking these photos!


Everything copyright, 2000 Dave Benz

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