October 1999

This month's thrill is belated Halloween photos of two of my friends & myself.

That's not Queen Amidala. It just looks like her. Same goes for the colonel "dude" there. I call that photo "hollerin' for wipes." (I stole the wipes thing from him though. A man of vision, while I was spouting "Go Colonel! Go Colonel!" he kept wandering around demanding wipes.)
My friends Susan & Jim had the greatest costumes I saw this year, so I figured they deserved being awarded the Thrill of the Month.
Susan made the entire Amidala costume herself from scratch. I helped a tiny bit with the headdress, but everything else was made by her, and looked amazing.
I've included a photo of myself because I deserve it, after having been practically chased out of a train station by one nut who asked me if I was the Angel Gabriel and another who followed me yelling. "Hey saint! Come back!"

In the spirit of the season, I thought it would be fun to post a few xmas card photos that didn't make the grade. Three out of the maybe 75 I took before I got the one I used.

The Ritz Carlton Hotel - California at Stockton

Took about 7 or 8 photos at dusk of cable cars going by, hoping to get a photo of the tree with a cable car. I really like this photo, but thought it would lack the kind of broad appeal a holiday greeting needs.

Audience: Since this is right across the street from the cable car stop, I got a lot of people watching me, seeing I was waiting for something, and trying to figure out who exactly was wrong about where one properly waits for the car.

California at Kearny - Bank of America Christmas Tree w/cable car

Liked this photo better, but didn't feel like I had properly taken the tree out of its context. As if I might as well be designing a merry card for Bank of America. Know what I mean?

Audience: Mostly a ton of pedestrians. Waited around and shot several cars over about 1/2 hour. Had a new event: Some woman saw me aiming my camera and actually went out of her way to get INTO the picture and walk towards me. I honestly spend so much time trying to be polite while taking photos that this kind of frustrated me. Shot the picture anyways out of spite.

California at Kearny - catty-corner from above photo.

At one time this was my #1 candidate for the Xmas cards. Put it here mostly to show what the scene from the final photo looked like zoomed out.

Audience: Amazingly: none.


Everything copyright, 1999 Dave Benz

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