May - July 2000

This area is mostly for my friends & family. Photos were taken with a Kodak DC20 or a Kodak DC120 Zoom.

One of more popular features of the photo scrapbook during recent issues has been full details of the audience present when each photo was taken. It is with mixed feelings that I must declare my audience has been pretty DULL lately. This should not be taken as a plea to the universe to send me folks who will mess with me.

California at Kearny. When I shot this I was kicking myself: "Okay, so now how many times have you walked by this?" Shot very early morning.

California at Montgomery. I have often considered building a photo library of things that just aren't there anymore. This one would qualify because they are converting this vacant building to a hotel, and for some reason they just recently pulled all the violet stone tile you see here off it. The stuff was several inches thick and beautiful.

Shot off the Caltrain, dunno where. Why does this photo make me think "cow"? Mooo.

Side of a bus sitting in front of a hotel. Makes a nice "no content" picture I think. Kind of a wierd shot. Actually saw the shot, went two blocks for my camera & came back.

Audience: Hotel valet and doorman. Was waiting for one of them to ask me what the heck I was doing. Also dreading the return of the bus driver... But you know what really happened.

Along the Caltrains line.

Pine near Stockton. This is inside a parking garage under a residential building.

Audience: I was busy trespassing while taking this photo. Ready to bolt if the door started closing & also waiting for somebody to pop around the corner. "It's OK! Sorry. I'm an artist!"

But that didn't happen... and like I'm saying - I'm not compaining.

Same building being turned into a hotel, above.

Post (?) around Powell. Walking back from the dentist, coming down off the novacaine...

Basement of the 500 Sansome building. Worked in this building until a week ago. Walked by this a bunch of times & always found it unsettling, but was never motivated to take a picture until one day the door at the end of the hall there was open. That clinched it.

As a bonus, you can add this to the "no longer there" pile. It's gone!

Took maybe six or seven photos. These rooms were storage areas for businesses in the building. The last door on the right led to a tiny cell with a dilapidated armchair in it. The last room there was actually under the sidewalk in front of the building.

Stockton around Sacramento. Waiting for a bus at 7:30 am. Very firmly in Chinatown. Transamerica building in the background.

Audience: A million people, and I mean A MILLION people, also waiting for the bus.

Maybe 5th Avenue around Clement.

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All photos copyright, 2000 Dave Benz

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