March 2000 - Chicago page 2

This area is mostly for my friends & family. Photos were taken with a Kodak DC20 or a Kodak DC120 Zoom.

Chicago: City of industry. In most places, they just tear up a road and build a bigger road, or put in a plaza. Not Chicago. In Chicago, they tear up the lake and build parking under it. (Ah. Parking.)
Chicago does not seem to suffer from the kind of phenomena where a developer must weather a six hundred million dollar legal battle to erect a bronze statue. Did I mention that the river flows upstream?

Chicago is backwards Exhibit F:

"Yeah, like everywhere else they built a Planet Hollywood here, but it didn't do so hot and now it's a pizzaria! Hey. Anybody tell you about the river yet?"

No joke. This was a Planet Hollywood. The pizzeria just moved their booths in and stuck their sign on the corner of the building there. Gino's encourages their clientele to graffitti! Oh, and the pizza is great.

This picture is for a certain special somebody. If the sign there doesn't talk to you then just go on to the next picture.

Some more shots off the Hancock.

If I remember correctly, these are wave breaks in the lake. Liked it as one of those "no subject matter" compositions.

Ended up fascinated with this rooftop. The pattern in the tiles there, and all the ventillation equipment in the brown box there. Managed to get it in a fun composition.

This was shot out the window of the cultural center. The center used to house the public library. Now it's home to some television stations, galleries, and various cultural organizations. More great galleries!

World class art galleries.

My hosts took me to get Dim Sum one morning, so I got to see Chinatown here. Jim made me eat eggy custard tarts.

Chinatown. Check that tile pattern.
Check out all the crud on my lens. Dang.

Chicago at night. Unintentional parking garage.

One last building panorama. Thanks again to everybody!

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All photos copyright, 2000 Dave Benz

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