Mandala Stamp Info
- last update: 10/16/02

Stamps in Mandala are the wireframe shapes drawn occasionally by the rendering engine. There are currently 13 Stamps drawn by Mandala. Randomized stamp drawing can be turned off and on by selecting the Stamp button in the main form. Default stamp size can be changed in the Control Panel.

Ever do a design and wish you could use a particular stamp instead of relying on the engine to choose one randomly? Now you can. Stamps can be invoked by entering a corresponding letter in the graffiti area.

The table below shows which stamps correspond to which letters.

a = arrow

b = butterfly

c = circle

e = eight point star

f = flower #1

h = heart

k = flower #2

p = propellar

q = square

s = star

t = triangle

u = sun

x = hexagon

Feature Requests

There are currently three features in Mandala Kaleidoscope 1.5 which were suggested by users. There are more on the way. I enjoy hearing from non-registered users too. Write me at gomez (at) bentmachine (dot) com


Mandala is shareware. Please register at

This software may be included on shareware collections only with written permission of the author. The author, his parent corporation, Bent Machine Production, and their subsidiary Not Conglomerated LLC makes no claims, either expressed or implied regarding the suitability of this product for any use. Use at your own risk.

Mandala is Copyright 2002, Dave Benz All rights reserved.

email: gomez (at) bentmachine (dot) com


When considering shareware, I often think of the cost of a movie or Chinese take-out. Then I weigh that against the price of the ware + the quality of the product. I like to think this is a quality product. If you really enjoy this kaleidoscope, consider two hours of entertainment, or mu-shu for two with rice and send me all your cash!

Not for use in life-support equipment. Do not use while operating heavy machinery.

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