Mandala Kaleidoscope for Palm

last update: 12/09/03
(this document updated 12/08/03)

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Mandala kaleidoscope is the first fully digital, native code, real time, full color, interactive eyecandy generator for the Palm. Sony and OS 5 compatible!

Tired of organizing things yet? Mandala isn't an organizer. It's not a kaleidoscope built into a drawing program. It's not a kaleidoscope built into a finance tracker, passcode encrypter, or mileage log. Mandala can't even KEEP time.

Mandala really has to be seen to be believed on OS 5 Palms. Mandala has nine basic settings, eleven rubber stamp shapes, three speed settings, and comes with eight impressive photoshop-like imaging filters such as blur, wrinkle, and shatter. Too busy to use the stylus? Mandala can be manipulated with the scroll keys, or set in perpetual motion with the "Auto" button. Aw Yeah. Then put on some breaks.

"So easy to use, the only challenge is remembering to blink." - Satisfied customer Susy O.

Mandala was written and tested on a Palm III using OnBoardC. As such, it makes for great output on black and white Palm OS devices. It is fully compatible with Palm OS 2.0 and up. Filters require OS 3.5 or better. Mandala takes advantage of greyscale capabilities of Palm devices running OS 3.5 or better.

This software is fully-functional shareware, and does not expire. Registered users get nicer colors if their karmic load is balanced.

Instructions & tips

The filters all require Palm OS 3.5 or above. The filter menu will not appear on incompatible devices. Mandala Kaleidoscope was designed to have "flavors" instead of dramatically different modes.

Options: In the "Preferences" area you can change the speed of the kaleidoscope. The effect is most apparent in Auto mode.

Filters: Select a filter from the menu. Click and drag to select an area, and wait. Filters can be cancelled in the middle by pressing the Scroll Up button on the face of your Palm.

Button Descriptions

Stamp: When selected, Mandala randomly draws wireframe shapes (hearts, arrows, etc.) along with colors.

Size buttons: "Med" is default. "Big" produces runs of bigger objects here and there. "Small" is like "Big" but the opposite.

Tiles: Turns on tiling of patterns.

Color: When on, colors change gradually. When off, they change randomly.

Follow: When on, shapes are drawn directly under stylus, as if it were a brush. When off, shapes are drawn all over.

Auto: Puts Mandala into autopilot. Most settings can be modified on the fly.

Full: Puts Mandala into full-screen mode. "Find" also toggle full-screen.


Mandala is shareware. Please register at

This software may be included on shareware collections only with written permission of the author. The author, his parent corporation, Bent Machine Production, and their subsidiary Not Conglomerated LLC makes no claims, either expressed or implied regarding the suitability of this product for any use. Use at your own risk.

Mandala is Copyright © 2002, 2003 Dave Benz
All rights reserved.

email: mandala (at) bentmachine com

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When considering shareware, I often think of the cost of a movie or Chinese take-out. Then I weigh that against the price of the ware + the quality of the product. I like to think this is a quality product. If you really enjoy this kaleidoscope, consider two hours of entertainment, or mu-shu for two with rice and send me all your cash!

I build robots. Visit bentmachine dot com.

Not for use in life-support equipment. Do not use while operating heavy machinery.

Release History

December 9, 2003 - Mandala 2.8

  • New diamond shape
  • Improved color chooser
  • Improved auto mode chasers
  • New Control Panel controls
  • Updated for better color on OS 5 devices
  • + much more

February 7, 2003 - Mandala 2.4

  • Fully Updated Japanese Version
  • Added Mode menu
  • Made "info" more accessable

January 2, 2003 - Mandala 2.2

  • New Enhanced Auto Mode
  • Better color
  • Preference to make Mandala stay on in cradle
  • Saves screen mode on exit (Full/Auto)
  • Hires,16 bit icons

November 12, 2002 - Mandala 2.01

  • Full screen mode expanded
  • Two new stamps
  • New control panel
  • Grafitti commands

Oct 2, 2002 - Mandala 1.7

  • Filter speed improvements
  • Full Screen Mode in Auto

Sept 18, 2002 - Mandala 1.2

  • OS 5.0 compatibility.
  • No more nag screen.
  • Prefs bug fixed.

July 8, 2002 - Mandala 1.1

  • Fixed filter bug on m505, m515, some color Visors.
  • Added High Resoltion support for Sony CLIE Devices.
  • Speed boost.
  • A few minor bug fixes and code cleanups.

June 19, 2002 - Mandala 1.0 Release

May 2002, Mandala 1.0b First public beta.