Thrill of the Month
April 2000

This month's thrill is Ukrainian Easter Eggs decorated at a party thrown by my friends Susan and Jim.
Ukraine eggs are otherwise known as "Psankie Eggs" (which I don't know how to spell properly, but hey - it's alliterated anyways!) The technique is like batik for eggs. You cover parts of the egg with wax and dip it in dye. Repeat as necessary.
It was a lot of fun, and everybody who tried it came out with great eggs.

This first egg was made by Jessica, who seemed to have a better grip
on the symbology of Ukraine designs, and obviously incorporated
them into her egg with good results.

This one is by John, who came up with something of an Aztec feel.

This is an example egg Susan did very quickly to show how the wax and dye system worked. Wax & dip. More wax and dip. More wax and dip. Lighter colors first, and darkest colors last.
Everybody liked the design on this egg, too.

A really great egg colored by Susan.

Everybody was able to get in touch with their buried Jungian
symbolic memories. - Egg by Ian

Another beautiful egg by Susan.

My first effort. That's my new corporate pattern.

Whoops. What's the saying? "You've got to break some eggs..." No. No. Maybe it's: "If you're gonna play with eyes it's just a matter of time before someboy puts an egg out..."

No. It's not that either. Egg by Susan.

Thanks to this website, just about everybody knows how I've got
this wierd fascination with parking garages, but I've always had
a thing for rabbits, too. - Bugs Bunny. "Watership Down."
Here's the ancient fertility symbol itself hopping through
the night. Where's my Jung book?
This is my second egg.

Here's more of the nights products.
Thanks everybody, and thanks especially to Susan and Jim.

This has been the Thrill of the Month for April 2000.

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Everything copyright, 2000 Dave Benz

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