originally written October 2002

last update April 2005

Ah. Links pages. I hate them. Never go to them. Having said that, I hope you'll forgive me for building one.

Sites here fit into one of two categories: Big popular sites that I think are really really great, or the little, hard to find, obscure sites that are appealing. Some of these only rate one or two visits, but others I go to with some regularity. I hope you enjoy them.

Note: all of the photos here are copyright their respective owners!

Biting Tech News

These days it can be a pain keeping current with tech news, and unfortunately it's only getting harder. Seems like you have to slog through the investment news/infomercial wasteland that cnet & zdnet have become, or go to slashdot and hold your nose against the pro-unix stench. Want some white-knuckle tech news by very opinionated and yet objective and knowledgeable writers from all over the world? Get yourself to the Register in the UK.

Kaleidoscope Japan!

The best kaleidoscope site I know of also happens to be a Japanese site, and there is no English. The photos are stunning, however. I emailed the webmaster and was pleasantly surprised to receive a friendly reply. Check it out.

Photo copyright (C) Akinori Nakamura

Be a Capitalist Scum - or at least stop feeding them

Go to the Motley Fool to learn how to get out from under your credit cards, and how a person with limited resources can try to save some money for the future.

Korean Animated Comics (Flash needed)

Vooz features the adventures of Pucca as she eats noodles and forces her love on the mostly game but sometimes clueless Garu. Cute as a button and sometimes boring, but always strangely fascinating.

Distributed Network Fractal Screen Saver

Aw yeah. This is as geeky as it gets. Forget signing up to use your machine's idle clock cycles to help SETI, and yes, they finally cracked the code on the encryption brute force distributed network. You should use this instead. Groovy eye candy with a five star geek factor. The Electric Sheep Screen Saver. Currently available only for Linux flavors and Mac OS X. Windoze users might at least check out the cool movies.

Thats it.